More About Shearing Day

I’ve written a couple of posts about shearing day already, but I have so many photos to share. As John worked through the main flock I brought in the sheep from other areas. The two ewes with two-week old lambs were shorn (last post) and then the three Jacob rams.IMG_8593This is the yearling ram, Rotor.IMG_8597 lilac and black ramsA good comparison¬†of a lilac Jacob (Nash) and black & white (Rotor).Rotor fleeceThis is Rotor’s fleece.IMG_8618They aren’t all spotted. This is one of the BFL-Jacob cross ewes.DSC_5281Lots of people help to make Shearing Day fun and easy for me. Kathleen weighed fleeces.DSC_5273-StephanyStephany and Gynna wrangled sheep all morning.DSC_5341Alison and many others helped at the skirting table.DSC_5321People are welcome to skirt their fleeces before buying or ask for advice about fleeces.DSC_5364

DSC_5323It was a great day to stand in the sun with your hands in freshly shorn wool.IMG_8622One more ewe to be shorn and then it was Faulkner’s turn.IMG_8631His buddy, Jerry looked on. Faulkner weighed in at 235 lbs (down about 30 pounds from what he sometimes weighs in the summer).DSC_5387 Jacob fleeceFresh Jacob fleece.Faulkner's fleeceFaulkner’s fleece.DSC_5349While the shearing and wool sorting was going on, friends were helping buyers in the shop.Farm Club group photoLater we got everyone (almost) to the barn for a group photo. That’s a lot of enthusiastic friends!


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