Meow & Woof Yarn

Who could resist yarns with this theme? I couldn’t and I hope that my customers can’t. This is one of the most recent additions to the shop. The yarn is dyed to match cats and dogs and some of the proceeds are given back to animal rescue projects.DSC_4851This is a selection of the BFL yarn in fingering weight. That’s a light weight yarn often used for knitting socks. You might wonder how purple and pink fit into cat and dog colors. The purple is called “cheshire cat”. I still didn’t understand how that fit until I googled “cheshire cat” and found that Disney’s version of the cheshire cat is indeed purple.DSC_4861What about this one? It’s called Kitten Nose Pink.DSC_4839It’s easy to see the calico here.DSC_4878These yarns are Merino fingering weight. They come in the same colorways. I bought a variety of each because I couldn’t get them all.DSC_4847Here is my first project using one of the yarns. One skein will easily make a scarf.DSC_5106I also tried the Zoom Loom to see how they looked. The yarn is too thin to use singly, but doubled it’s great!

I have ordered more and wait until you see what those look like. There will be a special surprise yarn as well!




3 thoughts on “Meow & Woof Yarn

    • I have about a dozen skeins now but have ordered more. Those won’t be here for about 8 weeks I think. I’ll announce it in my newsletter and on the blog.

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