Cute, Cute, Cute

It will still be a few weeks before I have any more lambs so the first three have more than their share of photos.DSC_4942This is Delight with her twins. Dazzle and 16001This is Dazzle with her single lamb. One of the problems I have photographing Jacob sheep is the fact that they have black markings around their eyes. I find that it is hard to expose the photo properly and also be able to see the faces. I edited this lower photo to where I could see the lamb’s eyes, although they aren’t showing up here very well and the photo looks washed out compared to the top one.

Here is another example.

The original is on the left. The black is too black, but I’m not very good at lightening it up just enough to see the eyes better. I lightened the shadows on the one on the right and it looks OK when it stands alone and is not next to the first version. I also tried dodging around that right eye, but it didn’t help much. I think I need a lesson.16002-3 version 1Here is another pair of photos. Which is better? Top or bottom?16002-3 - Version 216002-3 (1)At least I have CUTE going for me. 16002-3

16001 - head

Ginny 1Speaking of cute, can you tell the difference in these two photos? It’s not in editing. Try the focus…Ginny’s focus, that is.Ginny 2


One thought on “Cute, Cute, Cute

  1. Tuesday cuteness overload! Your image composition is fantastic, those are some great shots!
    Depending on how close you are, have you tried using the flash (or better yet a mini soft box on the flash) to fill and lighten some of those rich blacks?

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