Random Thoughts in Photos

Seen while driving in town the other day…lumber patternI liked the patterns of the wood. I especially noticed the part that doesn’t show up very well here but the bottom right where the heartwood (I think) makes the half circles. Weaving ideas.IMG_8433Also while driving. I was on Pedrick Road east of Dixon. I really wanted a photo of the snow-covered Sierras. It’s been awhile since we’ve had that view. The lens on the phone makes the mountains too far away for that shot, but I like seeing the train.IMG_8434In this shot too.IMG_8337I may have shown this photo before, but I like this sunset view. It makes the mud and swampy “lake” worthwhile.IMG_8329And speaking of lots of water, this was a result of the last storm that came through. This is a very old fig tree that the kids used to play in a long time ago. Note the steps and the treehouse platform. The roots of this tree have been rotten for some time and the dogs often found something to bark at in the hole in the trunk. giraffe sculptureI’ll bet you didn’t know that we had giraffes in Solano County. These two are about a mile from here where I take Ginny to herding lessons.IMG_8407And while we’re talking about herding, this is Ginny working “her flock” at home.


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