First 2016 Farm Day

Farm Club met yesterday with the main task of replacing all the missing ear tags so that the ewes are easily identifiable at Shearing Day coming up in two weeks. There were plenty of other tasks too, but I don’t have photos of much since I was too busy to get the camera out.

First there was the surprise lamb! See the link for that story.

DSC_9222Dona took this photo of all of us as we stopped for a group photo in the barn.DSC_4901This is Jade sporting her new eartag. The ewe lambs’ small tags were replaced with their grown-up tags. I decided to start color coding again. All the 2015 lambs have orange. There were also a lot of adult sheep whose ear tags were missing, so we replaced those.Farm Club 2016We got son, Chris to the barn to take a group shot so Dona could be in it too.IMG_8365We finished up at the ram pen. I took fleece samples to send in for micron testing.IMG_8360Time to relax in the shop…IMG_8367…and enjoy donuts that Mary brought to celebrate Dona’s birthday last week.


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