Random January iPhone Photos

I am getting caught up on my photos and found some to share about life on the farm, life in the shop, and life in general (but not very profound).IMG_8305Its a good sign when the chickens start laying again. That means there is more daylight. I have 5 chickens, 1 of whom is old and the other is ancient. I don’t expect eggs from the old chickens, but it’s nice to know the young ones have kicked into high gear.IMG_8318Rain. That’s a good thing, although I’m never really happy about dealing with the mud on the way to the compost (manure) pile.mushroomsHowever, it’s good when the manure pile is wet through and through. It will become a compost pile much more quickly. I was going to try these for dye but I went out today and they are all shriveled up. Not very long-lived.IMG_8290My friends came and did a Shop Intervention. I need to drastically change some things and get rid of the clutter. I still haven’t dealt with that big box but that is all the newest Timm Ranch yarn. I need to get that on the website and start working with it. After the friends left  there was room…LTW class…for a Learn to Weave class.Chris-birthdayMid-January always means that I’m getting older as my youngest son celebrates his birthday. That isn’t the full amount of candles he should have had, but it is bright enough!


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