Almost Shearing Time

We’re less than three weeks away from shearing. I used to shear in February, but several years ago I shifted shearing day to November thinking that I’d shear before I started feeding hay in the winter. For several reasons I decided to go back to February shearing but I didn’t want to make the shift all at once and risk having the fleeces ruined. Last year we sheared the first week of January and this year we will shear February 7.

Here are some of the sheep in full fleece.12018 SonataSonata.

14013 Jean

Jean. She was Champion Jacob Ewe at Black Sheep Gathering in June.

13068 Cascade

This is Cascade.

13044 EarsThe BFL-cross named Ears.

IsadoraThis is Kenleigh’s Isadora.

14054 VanessaVanessa.

15077 WilburWesley is one of three wethers that are part of Ginny’s sheepdog training flock.15080-15081Wesley and Wally are BFL-crosses and the other two wethers in Ginny’s flock. They were all born at the fair in July.15078This ram was also born at the fair. I’ll have to decide about shearing them since they will have only 6-month fleeces and it will be more of a stress on them.


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