A Family Affair

In the last post I showed photos of dyeing and weaving chenille scarves for a show at The Artery in Davis. This post is about that show. IMG_8115For this month’s show we invited our family members to join us in sharing their art work.IMG_8111My sons and daughter-in-law entered their photos. Sorry that my photos don’t show theirs very well. Chris took photos while on the fire line last summer. Matt and Kaleena’s photos are taken in their “backyard” of the El Dorado National Forest. I wove 7 Fire scarves and 5 Sky scarves so that I could choose the ones I wanted to display with the photos. You can’t tell from this but the Fire scarves have sparkles (and have a lot more color variation than shows up here).IMG_8112I also included two of my mom’s pieces. She was always proud of her teapots because she could create a dripless spout. IMG_8113Mom mostly made functional pieces like plates, bowls, and mugs, but also made tiles for the kitchen, a bathroom sink (the actual sink !), lanterns, birdbaths, and a sundial. This is a rare statement on society…IMG_8114…but I’m not really sure what she meant.IMG_8121I took only a few more photos in the gallery because I ran out of time. Artery member Marjan made the 3-D flowers and her mom did the silk paintings.IMG_8120Heidi’s husband and dad collaborated with her making bowls.IMG_8123Sorry, but I don’t remember whose work this is but it is all felt, including the rocks.IMG_8117Here is a wild “Dragon Drawn in Space” above member Chris’ family’s art.IMG_8105My regular work moved out of the gallery and is in the front of the Artery for the next month or two.

A Family Affair will be in the gallery through February 1. I hope that those of you who are local can make it there.


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