Fire & Sky in Chenille

The Artery is having a show called A Family Affair. We invited members’ family to include artwork in the January show and I invited my sons and DIL. They entered photos and I planned to weave chenille scarves to accompany the photos.

The vibrancy of the photos inspired my idea for the scarf colors. I didn’t want to just choose yarns off the shelf. For one thing I didn’t have the right colors, but the main problem was that I didn’t want stripes. I wanted to have colors that flowed in to one another over the length of the scarf. That means starting with white (usually) yarn and dyeing it.

Oops! Not enough white or off-white chenille yarn on the shelf. I had enough of that for two warps of two scarves each. That would be one warp for Chris’ fire photos and one for Matt and Kaleena’s mountain photos. I wanted more than that so that some could be “practice” warps. More about that later.

I also assumed that I had dye in the colors that I wanted because…well just because…just like I assumed that I had white chenille in the shop. I got the box out of the garage and pulled out all the containers that had yellow or orange or red (fire scarves) and blue or (mountain scarves) in their names. IMG_8048I was OK for Fire. I had wound the two white/off-white warps but wanted to start with something else to try out the colors.IMG_8051I still have some warps leftover from my Yarn from the Box project in colors that won’t sell. I used these yarns with the plan that I would eventually dye the warp. IMG_8055Now was the time. I started with yellow but it didn’t cover the colors very well so this warp went to oranges and reds.IMG_8058That was the “practice” warp. Now it was time for the “real” one and I decided to use just these colors.IMG_8056You can see the yarns that I used weren’t all the same because I didn’t have enough of any one shade. Here is where my photo documentary of the process has holes. This was a cold, damp day. I was bundled up in overalls and Carhart jacket and wool layers. I had footwarmers in my boots   but I had to keep switching from warm gloves to rubber gloves, neither of which lent themselves to taking lots of photos. And it was getting late in the day and I was starting to lose the light. So no more photos of these warps after dyeing. IMG_8060I wasn’t satisfied with the dye job on the white warp so I wound another but this time used yellow yarns because I didn’t have anymore white. I dyed this in those same colors.IMG_2895_mediumDona was at the shop the day I was trying to get these warps to dry. She took this photo of them hanging near the heater. IMG_8062Back to the dye day. These were the blues. It was getting late so not many more photos.IMG_8064Here is one of the Mountain Sky warps. 948-951 chenille scarfI wove seven Fire scarves (two were finished the night before the show so aren’t photographed here) and five Mountain Sky scarves.951-2951-1DSC_4675949-1950-2I will do another post of how the Artery show looks.


11 thoughts on “Fire & Sky in Chenille

  1. These colors & the process to get them are amazing! I have to go back to the Artery and buy one of each set of colors! Guess I will have to start wearing scarves!

  2. Thanks. This makes me want to do many more of these–just not when it’s cold and foggy outside and I have a deadline. (Although it’s the deadline that got me to weave all of them in 4 days.)

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