Leftover Yarn

Never throw anything away. At the risk of being called a Yarn Hoarder I don’t throw any chenille away if there is at least a three yard length. IMG_7961Three yards (or a little less) is the length I need to make a scarf. I dumped out a couple of bags of leftover chenille and organized it by color. This made two warps.IMG_7964The first uses the yarns on the left side of the upper photo, going into the purple range.IMG_8020The color isn’t very good on this photo but this was mostly yarns from the right side. Here are the finished pieces:946 chenille scarfI used a fine cotton weft for this scarf mainly because I couldn’t figure out which color of chenille would work across all of these stripes. By using a fine weft the color of that disappears and the eye sees just the warp color.947 chenille scarfThis scarf was different. I used a blue chenille weft. The blue dominates but pulls all the other colors together.

These scarves are for sale at the Artery now and on my website.


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