Hawaii, Day 7

Last person standing. That’s me, for our Hawaii family vacation. Well, Matt and Kaleena were still here but staying somewhere on the beach. My father-in-law and his wife live on the Big Island and that is where we spent most of the trip. My husband and Chris and Meryl had left for home from there. Katie and her family left the night before after spending the day at Pearl Harbor so I woke up alone in my Waikiki hotel room and decided to spend some time on the beach with my camera before going to the airport.DSC_3783View to the southeast with early morning sun.IMG_7901View to the northwest.IMG_7903Not too many people in the water yet…DSC_3801…but there were people on the beach…DSC_3805…working out…DSC_4095…and getting ready for business.DSC_3920The beaches are protected (created?) by rock walls built out into the ocean. When walking along one I realized that it was like looking down into an aquarium tank. There were fish everywhere. I took lots of photos but in most the wave action obscures the fish. There are a few that aren’t bad for my first time trying to photograph fish. The only ones that I later identified are these needlefish.DSC_3810I wish that I’d had my new GoPro with me and a long stick to reach into the water.DSC_3951I sort of like this photo because the ships looks pixelated, but it’s just the containers. DSC_3820Still on the wall, the sun was getting higher.DSC_4044-crab


DSC_3996Here is an activity of which I was unaware–feeding bread to fish –these tourists brought an entire loaf and threw crumbs into the water.DSC_3986It’s a great way to bring fish (and pigeons) to you, but I can’t imagine that it is an approved method of watching wildlife. I was seeing plenty of fish without bribing them.DSC_3962As the sunlight hit the water the fish were easier to photograph…DSC_4011…especially these almost luminescent needlefish.DSC_3946

DSC_4077As I walked back to the hotel, the beach was waking up.DSC_4073


DSC_4127Many more people out and about.DSC_4119

DSC_4123By the way, this was not my hotel. Mine was a few block off the beach in the low(er) rent district.

Back to winter in northern California. It sure didn’t feel like Christmas time in Hawaii. Aloha!


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