Hawaii – Day 3

By Monday morning all three of my kids and spouses/fiancee were here. We started the morning joining my father-in-law’s at his daily ritual–breakfast at Lava Java in Waikoloa Village.IMG_7682 breakfastWe enjoyed live music and I got a photo of Kirby and me.DSC_3105Another day at the beach. Today’s choice was Waialea Beach, also known as Beach 69. Kirby would stand on the sand in shoes…DSC_3071but still wasn’t happy about the water even with much coercing by Aunt Meryl and Aunt Kaleena.DSC_3096She preferred refuge on her towel…DSC_3099…even while everyone else (except Grandma) was in the water.DSC_3164 -KaleenaKaleena creates a selfie-stick out of a paddle.DSC_3222 paddleboardsMatt rides a wave (ripple?) in to shore.DSC_3148 Chris-paddleboardChris looks like a pro.DSC_3216-Meryl handstandMeryl perfected her headstand while paddleboarding and Chris valiantly tried to keep up.DSC_3218-Meryl handstand

DSC_3229 Kirby asleepI took all of those photos while sitting on the sand holding a sleepy baby. She was finally ready to put down to finish her nap. I went paddleboarding for the first time. Eventually I will have photos taken by my kids but for now it’s just my photos.DSC_3233-group-Beach 69A group photo before we left the beach.IMG_7739In the evening we waited for our chosen sushi restaurant to open and wandered around the Mauna Lani shops. It sure doesn’t feel like Christmas here but there are decorations everywhere.DSC_3256We strolled along the resort paths.DSC_3260 - black-crowned night heronLook! I finally got a wildlife photo! This is (I think) a black-crowned night heron.DSC_3271-KirbyKirby found kitties in the parking lot before we finally went to dinner.


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