Hawaii – Day 2

A friend of mine sent me a link to her husband’s fantastic scenic photos taken during their recent trip to Hawaii. He wanted to see my photos. Ummm. I don’t think they will stack up to his. I’m finding that I don’t get the same kind of photos when hanging out with a toddler. I have cute toddler pictures, but not too many of the nature shots…at least so far.DSC_3006 turkeyThe potential for wildlife photography began with turkeys walking down the road in front of the house where we are staying, but that is my only wildlife photo.

The plan for the day was to spend some time at the beach and visit with my father-in-law and his wife, who have lived here for several years.DSC_2997 First things first. An island girl has to have her nails painted… DSC_3005…and then stay out of the house until the polish dries.DSC_3009On the way to the beach.DSC_3011

DSC_3013Stopping to smell the flowers.DSC_3016Kirby gets a good view of the ocean.DSC_3019We discover that she doesn’t like the feel of sand on her feet. DSC_3026It’s hard to get in the water if you won’t walk in the sand. The water was a bit cool at the start and Kirby decided that it really wasn’t for her. DSC_3038While Mom and Dad swam…DSC_3043Kirby was happier in the safety of the lounge chair, although I walked the beach with her quite a bit too.DSC_3046After the beach trip we met up with my father-in-law and others to see the Macadamia Nut Company.DSC_3051One of many special nut flavors.IMG_7664Photos at the gift shop.IMG_7667

Back to the house for naps and then dinner with the family including my oldest son and DIL who arrived that afternoon.



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