Hawaii – Day 1

It’s mostly about travel.

Dan and I got up at 3:15 a.m., leaving the farm in the capable hands of Farm Club friends. We flew from Sacramento to Phoenix (one time zone in the wrong direction) … IMG_7556…and met up with Katie, Kurtis, and Kirby who flew in from Austin. We all boarded the next plane for an almost 7 hour flight to Kona, which is where my father-in-law lives. I have been there only one other time.IMG_0273Leaving the California coast. I have this naive feeling that if the plane had to go down it would be better to be over land because you could find an airport or highway or somewhere to land.IMG_0286There is an awful lot of water before you get to Hawaii.DSC_2982But what an amazing site!DSC_2986The contrast between the wet side and the dry side is amazing from the air.DSC_2989The airport is in Kona on the dry side. That is also where my father-in-law lives. Love those colors in the ocean.IMG_7567Unleashing a 16-month old after being constrained for so many hours.IMG_7570She found this grate fascinating. Hmmm. I don’t think she had to travel 3000 miles to find one of those.IMG_7575Relaxing at the house that we rented. The rest of the family will show up over the next couple of days.

P.S. I hear that Rusty has his own thoughts about me being gone. He shared them here with the help of Lady Stranger (Stephany).


One thought on “Hawaii – Day 1

  1. As your trip begins in paradise, ours is ending. We leave Kauai today … If you get a chance, go on a kayak trip or hike, watch the sunrise and sunset …no matter what island you’re on … It’s magical! See you when you get back! Yolanda

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