Sheep Close-Ups

Guess which sheep will let me get this close and hold still enough for photos?DSC_2648DSC_2647DSC_2644DSC_2658DSC_2653DSC_2662DSC_2651  DSC_2661Gorgeous fleece.DSC_2667Why, it’s Jade! Who else? She’s the one in the Santa hat in the previous post.DSC_2669Sheep going out to pasture last week. I’ve closed the gate today. The grasses are dormant and need warm weather and more daylight to get growing well again…if they get water, that is. This grass is showing signs of drying out. I hope some of the rain that is predicted comes through.


3 thoughts on “Sheep Close-Ups

    • When she was about a month old she and her twin (who is not tame) and her mom were part of our petting sheep for our annual spring open house. Later I noticed that she would approach me when I was with the sheep. Eventually she let me scratch her and then she became tamer and tamer. No bribes with food, just scratches.

      • What a baby doll. Can you imagine what would happen if you fed her snacks?…….. She’d be sitting in your lap!!

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