Black Walnut Dye

Here is one dye pot that won’t quit. I guess I didn’t actually take a photo of the dye pot. But here is a post that has a dye pot full of black walnuts.

I had been soaking black walnuts in a 5-gallon bucket for a few weeks in anticipation of getting a shipment of Timm Ranch yarn here. It turns out that due to medical issues at the mill I won’t be seeing this yarn any time soon. But a Fibershed event was coming up and I wanted a naturally dyed cloth to cover my table. I decided to use the black walnut, but I didn’t want to waste any dye so I thought I dye some yarn too.

DSC_2552This is 5 batches of yarn out of the same dye pot. The first four skeins on the top are from the first batch. The next four are from the second and I crammed the tablecloth in that pot too. The rest of that row is from the third batch using the same dye. It looked like there was still plenty of dye in the pot so I did two more batches that are on the bottom row. They are lighter but still colored. DSC_2564Here is another view. It is interesting (at least to me) that the fifth batch appears to have slightly more color than the fourth. It is a different yarn. The first four batches included Anderson Ranch yarn, white Jacob, and gray and white Jacob. The last batch was Columbia yarn that hasn’t been sold and I’ll use in a project now.


This is the white Jacob from the first four batches…DSC_2574

…and this is the gray and white Jacob.

DSC_2557I was photographing the skeins outside and out of the corner of my eye I kept seeing this other brilliant color.DSC_2555



One thought on “Black Walnut Dye

  1. Such beautiful colors!! Black walnuts seem to be anxious to keep on giving. The orange/red leaves are stunning. I keep looking at my geranium plants, now covered in 8″ of snow, and wonder if they would produce a decent color dye.

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