Moving Rams

The sheep are now separated into only two flocks now. There is a smaller non-breeding group and the larger group of ewes who are all (hopefully) bred. A couple of days ago I put the young rams, Nash and Rotor back together and their ewes with the rest of the flock.IMG_6914The trick with putting rams together is to crowd them into a small space until they have figured out the pecking order. They will still fight but can’t do as much damage as if they had more room to bash each other. This was too much room even with the barrel taking up space. Rotor, the 4-horn ram was beating the heck out of Nash, the 2-horn. Nash is the bigger ram so it surprised me that Rotor was the dominant one.IMG_6922They spent the night in this space and I took out the middle panel the next morning.15016 Nash rightNow they are back in the ram pen and best buddies. This is one of the photos I will send in for Nash’s registration.15025 Rotor leftThis is Rotor. Both are only 7 months old.12031 Honey right Another March lamb I will register is Honey. Faulkner (1)After I sent Ringo off to a friend’s farm (when he comes back I’ll have to go through ram introduction all over again) the ewes were in the barn near Faulkner. Is this wishful thinking on his part?DSC_1759 I sent him out to the field with all the ewes.Faulkner He found at least one ewe who was interested in him.


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