The Second Week Ends with Fiber Fusion

I ended the last post with double doses of tylenol with codeine. I decided that I should treat myself this week the way I should have last week–relax, sleep, sleep some more. It didn’t work quite like that because it was Spinzilla week, but it was much better than the previous week. People came here and I didn’t have to do much else. I’ll write another post about Spinzilla and Team Meridian Jacobs later. However, there was another fiber event on the weekend following Lambtown–Fiber Fusion in Chico.spinzilla spinnersI had not planned to be a vendor here. Instead I was scheduled for a talk about the fiber business. I brought a couple of sheep and fiber, yarn, buttons, and lambskins. Some of Team Meridian Jacobs made the two hour drive here to spin together.Spinzilla spinningOne very dedicated Team member, who lives in Illinois, scheduled a California visit to coincide with Spinzilla week so we were able to visit with her in person, all the while keeping those wheels going.spinningSpinning side-by-side Jacob roving.Shaul'sOur neighbors on one side were Shaul’s, who make all the panels and feeders that I use in the barn. I brought a few more pieces home with me.yakOn the other side was Elvis, the yak.Jackie's booth Jackie had a booth inside where it got hot and stuffy. We had the more pleasant conditions with a nice breeze. Although I always enjoy hanging out with my friends and I was thrilled to meet our distant team member, I was still not back to normal and this felt like a really long day. I didn’t look forward to the two hour drive home, but then I saw the most beautiful sky and hundreds of geese flying in from the south.sunset, Colusa Co? (1) I had to stop. I pulled off the freeway at an exit that I recognized as one where I had slept for an hour or so on my way back from Oregon in June. This is the view to the northwest.sunset, Colusa Co?You can’t make out the geese in these but here is the view with my other camera:DSC_1661These don’t do the scene justice.DSC_1657

geesegeese (1) This stop along the freeway was a big boost in a long day. I need to go back up there this fall or winter and spend some time in the Sacramento Wildlife Refuge.


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