…wouldn’t life be peaceful without them?

The rams were giving me so much trouble with the fence in the pen I’d used for years that we switched them to a new space about six weeks ago. It’s been working OK but now breeding season is upon us and they are getting harder to deal with. Welded wire panels alone are not enough.DSC_9911 Here is what happens when ewes flaunt themselves just across the fence. IMG_6152 Not only are the rams ruining the panels, but the electric fence on the ewe side is immediately grounded out and that means that all the electric fence on that system is out. IMG_6181Dan had an idea that would hopefully solve the problem for the short-term in the areas where the rams were pushing on their fence and bending the t-posts.IMG_6182He put in extra posts that we happened to have around and welded rebar between the posts on the two sets of fences to help make things sturdier. We hoped that it would make the whole thing more secure.

IMG_6176Here is what Ginny thought when she noticed the welder in the corral.

IMG_6177  There was a shirt hanging off of it so maybe she thought it was a short person.

IMG_6184Lots of reinforcement should keep them from pushing those t-posts over, right?IMG_6269Fence posts look good. IMG_6273The wire, not so much. He was completely stuck in the welded wire and the high tensile wire. This is Alex, by the way, whose horn I just trimmed in the last post.

IMG_6270 The only way to get Alex out of this was to cut the welded wire panel in two places. Now I have the ewes completely separated, but that isn’t a long-term solution. Unfortunately I don’t have a big enough place to have the rams in a pen that is isolated from everyone else so we’ll be moving to Plan C when we have time (that would be when Dan has time).


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