The Latest from the Loom

In preparation for Fibershed’s Grow Your Jeans event I wove six shawls using locally grown Timm Ranch wool yarn.  DSC_0099 I showed photos of these before they were washed in this blog post. Quite a dramatic change.DSC_0107 With the exception of the second blanket the weft is all the same as the warp, but naturally dyed.  From left to right: Osage orange (exhaust), Jacob wool, osage orange, black walnut, pomegranate, not dyed. DSC_0120 One shawl will be worn in the fashion show and they will all be for sale at Grow Your Jeans.  After that they will be for sale  at the Fibershed Marketplace website and at the Artery in Davis.932-3, 932-1, 932-2More locally grown wool. These scarves are woven using Solano County Anderson Ranch wool.DSC_0143 Not locally gown, but one of my best sellers–chenille scarves. 911-1, 911-2You’ve seen this before but I hadn’t taken a photo with the magazine cover.DSC_0167Here’s is one of my photoshoot locations. Hard to find a smooth surface in the shade.


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