Farm Club Appreciation Day

I love my Farm Club, so I hosted a day just for them when there was no work (although Stephany came early just to help me stack hay in the barn), just food and visiting…oh, and party games. Thanks to Dona for all these photos.DSC_5217 There is always good food when Farm Club does a potluck.DSC_5221 No skimping on desserts.DSC_5225 Kathleen shared her treasures from a recent trip to Russia that included seeing sheep and visiting with the shepherd in Gotland.DSC_5233 Stephany charted an old Elizabeth Zimmerman pattern and is knitting it up in Imperial Yarn Company’s Columbia.DSC_5240 Prizes were awarded to the winners of the party games. How many sheep pellets in the container? 660. DSC_5252 Stephany seems stumped (or frightened) by the contents of the bag–things gathered from the barn.DSC_5253 I had told everyone that there was nothing disgusting or dangerous.DSC_5274Mary shared the warp just off the loom. This is four towels from the Friendship Towel Kit supporting the Natural Dye Project in Guatemala. In the background is the preview of my big Estate Sale that will be over Labor Day weekend.


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