Road Trip to Texas – Day 10 (part 1)

It may seem silly to go back three weeks to finish up my Road Trip blogs, but I don’t want to leave it unfinished. This blog has become my scrapbook that I would never do on paper.  And I have had a lot of feedback that you who read the blog like the Road Trip series. I left off on Day 9, so here is Day 10, split into two parts because that’s how the day seemed. I’ll warn you now; there are a lot of photos.DSC_7386We were packing the truck. I wondered if Kirby would miss us for a little while because we’d been there for four days. Probably not, but I hope that she will remember me next time I see her.DSC_7404Saying goodbye was hard for Dan and me.DSC_7395

KirbyTime to leave. I needed to be home by Friday.

Blanco? Now that it’s been so long until I sorted this batch of photos I forget where some of them were taken. I think this is the town of Blanco, the closest town to where we were visiting.

This is peach season in the Hill Country and wanted to make a stop and maybe pick up a few more gifts for farm-sitters.peach stand


peach stand (1)Here is where they sort the peaches.peach stand (2)And here is where they bake pies and other delectables. It smelled wonderful inside. I was so tempted to buy a pie, but instead I bought fresh peaches and jam and…peach ice cream…this for the road…trying to ease the sadness of leaving our family behind.DSC_7444I amused myself by taking photos on the road (thinking that I would remember where they were taken).  I have not cropped or edited these photos. They include the squashbugs (as my brother and I used to call them) and glare on the windshield.

Texas is a big place. The country is not all what I had envisioned. DSC_7458There are more mountains than I expected.DSC_7469And more greenery. Even towards West Texas there is agriculture anywhere there is consistent water.DSC_7454


Hwy 10, TXAt this gas stop I walked out back…Davis Mountains, TX…and took photos of the gorgeous Davis Mountains to the south.

DSC_7467 DSC_7471 DSC_7473 DSC_7487 The simple descriptor I kept thinking was Big.

DSC_7488 DSC_7498 DSC_7499

Rio Grande ValleyDropping into the Rio Grande valley.El Paso, TXEl Paso, on the U.S./Mexico border.

DSC_7520 DSC_7521 DSC_7525

US-Mexico fenceThe border fence.

DSC_7530 The end of this blog post but not the day. More in the next post.


3 thoughts on “Road Trip to Texas – Day 10 (part 1)

  1. I love this series! Today reminds me of my trip to Houston with my daughter Sarah when we were going from New Mexico to El Paso and on to Houston. A friend who grew up in Houston and knew we would be driving through West Texas says the towns there, she is sure, are where covered wagons broke down. 😄

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