We Interrupt This Blog…

…for breaking news. I’ve been writing about the trip to Texas and I think I have four days left. But tonight there are some spectacular photos of a fire that started this afternoon in the hills above Lake Berryessa. I shouldn’t even be doing this post because I’m taking sheep to the fair first thing in the morning and I’ve been working for days getting ready for that. I should be going to bed.Fire 6-05 This is taken from the top of my haystack and is the view to the west. Lake Berryessa is in those hills and the map on my phone says 20 miles, but that is by road. Maybe it’s 10-12 miles as the crow flies. The fire started about 2:30 and this photo was about 6:00 this evening. To the north was a dense cloud of smoke. We have had a south wind all day so the smoke didn’t affect us but it is over Sacramento.Fire 6-06 pano All of these photos are with my iPhone. This is using the Pano app. Fire 6-53 from pasture I was on my way out to mow two paddocks of the pasture–they needed to be done before I spent the next four days at the fair. So the photos with the barn to the right are from the tractor. I must have taken a couple dozen photos. Every time I turned and drove north the scene seemed to change.Fire 7-10 from pasture This was about 7 p.m.Fire 7-12 from pasture Fire 7-49 from pasture IMG_5514About the time I finished mowing my son, who is on a USFS hotshot crew got home (next door) for his days off. Within an hour his boss called him back to Pollock Pines (about an hour and a half) because his crew will be leaving at 5 a.m. to work on this fire. Last I heard it was 4000 acres.


5 thoughts on “We Interrupt This Blog…

    • I agree. Watching the smoke plume develop and then seeing the fire coming lower on the mountain after dark was very striking. But it’s a terrible event for those with homes and livestock in the area, wildlife, etc. Later after I wrote that post I thought that I should have used other words to describe it. The photos of the barn under that dark sky reminded me of a house that was going to be lifted up by a tornado.

  1. That is too close for comfort Robin. I hope all will be well with you and yours. You are in my thoughts for a quick containment and extinguishing. Warmly, Karen Baily

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