Road Trip to Texas – Day 9

We had been in the car for 8 days. We stayed in place for most of this day, our last day to visit Katie, Kurtis, and Kirby.DSC_7380I babysat (grandmothered) most of the day while Dan and Katie worked outside.

DSC_7376 Surprisingly (or maybe not when holding a squirming baby) I didn’t take many photos.

At dinner time we went to “get BBQ”. IMG_5348I hadn’t realized that I’d never had “real BBQ”.

IMG_5347 Kirby had been asleep in the car. She’s wearing one of several outfits given to her by her Aunt Meryl.

IMG_5349 At a real BBQ place you buy your main course by the pound…IMG_5353…and add “sides” like pecan cobbler, peach cobbler, sweet potatoes (with marshmallows on top) and beans. Katie made sure that we didn’t miss out on pickles, onions, and bread.

IMG_5352   I think you’ll agree that this is one nice looking family.


IMG_5356I took this photo inside the bathroom because I liked the idea, maybe because I’m using tin (albeit rusty and full of holes) for my upcoming State Fair display. The chalk boards in the bathroom and in each stall seemed to prevent grafitti on the walls.

Not a lot of excitement for this fourth day in Texas, but we were leaving the next day and an easy day was just fine.


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