Road Trip to Texas – Day 6

We had done our Texas homework by watching Texas Rising, a five part fictionalized series about Texas Independence. It was not, in my opinion, great TV, but it prompted me to google the historical events as we were watching. So we felt prepared to see some of the sites that are important to that part of Texas history. Today’s goal was to visit the Alamo, about an hour away.Kirby at the officeFirst we stopped at Katie’s office and went to lunch with her co-workers. Then we drove to San Antonio.Old & New-AlamoThe Alamo site is an interesting juxtaposition of the old and the new. The lower stone wall  surrounds the Mission grounds.Old & New-Alamo (1)The Alamo site encompasses a block in downtown San Antonio with newer buildings rising around it. 

DSC_7112 Photography is not allowed inside the church at The Alamo. There was a long line waiting to go in, but the line moved quickly.Kirby at the Alamo I was amused to watch Kirby’s reaction to waiting in line. It is as if there are two separate worlds–the upper level and the stroller level. There were plenty of strollers and wheelchairs to keep Kirby interested during the wait and the walk around the grounds.oak treeOne of several magnificent trees on the grounds. Dan and I have commented that we have seen some of the most beautiful big oak trees while driving through Texas.

mural-riverwalk After touring the church and walking around the grounds we walked along the downtown’s River Walk.San AntonioI admired this building for it’s colorful tower and the unusual shape.Kirby in poolAfter a long drive and a lot of walking around in the heat what better way to end the day?


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