Weaving on the Go

I have been gone for a few days but took a rigid heddle loom with me. What an easy way to enjoy weaving away from home. IMG_4552These are scarves in 3/2 cotton (which I have in the shop but isn’t on my website). A pressing when I get home will give them a more finished look.IMG_4555A wool scarf in Jaggerspun Maine Line wool. These three scarves are samples for a couple of classes, the new Color on the Loom (in July) and Learn to Weave on the Rigid Heddle Loom.

The following photos are of recent weaving in the shop.922 Jacob scarvesJacob scarves with detail below.923-1 Jacob scarf (2)

923 Jacob scarves Another warp of Jacob scarves.

I had the idea of weaving a wool checkerboard to sell through the Fibershed Marketplace and at the Artery.924 checkerboardBut first I used cotton–the same 3/2 cotton as the scarves in the first photo. 

924 checkerboard (1) Using the the last of the warp I experimented with different weaving order. I think its interesting that at different angles it looks as though I used other colors but all the yarn here is black and white. By the way, I know that checkerboards are traditionally red and black but, oh well…

I don’t have a photo of the wool checkerboards yet but here are the checkers I made from horns. What do you think of the oblong shape?

IMG_4330 In this photo the checkers haven’t been finished.Yarn Lab articleIn other weaving, this is the latest issue of Handwoven with my Yarn Lab article in which I compared fulling and felting of Imperial Yarn Company’s Columbia and Erin yarns.


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