Rescuing Ginny’s Toy (Twice)

I got home after a few days away from the valley heat and saw that Ginny’s incision had healed. She was happy to have the cone taken off her collar and then be able to go for a walk.

It was still over 100 degrees at 7:30 when we walked Across the Road so the water in the ditch felt good. IMG_4572 Ginny carried her Toy and in this photo dropped it at the side of the ditch before she got in.IMG_4574 The idea, of course, is for me to throw it…IMG_4575 …so she can chase it…IMG_4580 …over…IMG_4581 …and over.IMG_4583 IMG_4586 At one point Ginny dropped the Toy too close to the edge of the ditch. The toy used to float, but not anymore. Ginny went in after it but once it goes under water she can’t see it.IMG_4587 The Toy is visible in those photos at the bottom of the ditch. Ginny stirred up the mud while swimming and that made the visibility worse for me. IMG_4589I ran to this crossing and saw that 2×4. I crossed the ditch and ran back to where the Toy was floating downstream and after awhile was able to rescue it. (It wasn’t easy to force the 2×4 down into running water when it really was meant to float.)IMG_4590 We continued our walk but during one catch attempt the Toy bounced off Ginny’s mouth and into the ditch again. Again Ginny went in but couldn’t see it under the water. IMG_4593 This time I found a tree branch to rescue the Toy. I’m going to have to pay more attention to where I throw it or find a toy that will float.IMG_4595


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