Ginny’s Recovery

Ginny is at that age where I realized that it was time for her little operation. I’m going to be gone off and on this summer and after I looked up info about dogs coming into heat I realized that I couldn’t leave and think that someone else might have to deal with that.Ginny after spaying Ginny was a sad puppy when I picked her up from the vet office Wednesday evening. They hadn’t done the spay operation until the afternoon so she was still woozy and tired all night. The next insult was The Cone, but it didn’t hold her down long.IMG_4377 She figured out how to pick up her favorite Toy even if i was underneath the cone.IMG_4378 This is one day after the spaying and she expected me to throw the Toy.IMG_4385 IMG_4390 I guess she didn’t read the instructions.IMG_4423 This is the next day (2 days after spaying) and she is rolling around with Rusty. No jumping or climbing here and only a little bit of running.IMG_4424 IMG_4425Maybe I can discontinue the pain killers.


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