Dogs in Our Lives

This post started as a way to show what Rusty looked like at the age Ginny is now. Ginny-7 monthsGinny is 7 months.Rusty-6 monthsI got Rusty when he was 6 months old.

This post has evolved into photos of the other dogs that have been in my life. I am clearing off my old computer before I get rid of it and I found photos that had never been transferred. Then when I searched dogs on my computer I found old scanned photos too. So here you go.1970s dogsThis is my mom sometime in the mid-70’s. Murka is the German Shepherd that was our family dog. Blue is on the couch–he was my mom’s dog that she found somehow. I have forgotten the story. Katya or “Kat” is on the table. She was my half-Keeshound (supposedly the other half was coyote) who was very loving but timid, especially of men…like Bonnie and Maggie, who both came to me later. I had Kat through my moves to Utah and Arizona, but she died before I came back to California. Then there was a no-dog period although mom had Blue.k&dogs-w (1) When the kids were young and we lived at the dairy we had Brandy and Flash, both rescues of one sort or another. Brandy was given away by someone who also gave us a huge bag of all the flea and anti-itch things that didn’t work on her and Flash was found in a parking lot by a veterinarian I used to work for. I got him as a puppy.Benny and Flash-1999-300 Brandy died while we were still at the dairy, but not long after we moved to our current location in 1999 we got Benny, rescued in the Safeway parking lot. Doc, Benny, Flash 2003 Doc, on the left, showed up as a lost dog and was later identified by his owners from just down the road. They took him back but I told them that if they ever wanted to give him away I’d take him. They moved and didn’t want him. He was a wonderful dog, but was killed by a big truck on the road when he chased Benny, who is the only dog we’ve had that would leave the barn to run to the road.Sam, Rusty, BennyI got Rusty after Flash died, but while we still had Benny. My son and DIL got Sam the next year.DSC_2022This is what Sam looks like now. He outweighs Rusty by at least 50 pounds. That’s his buddy, Kirin, who is even bigger now.DSC_0149 Bonnie came later. She is the only dog that I have given away but she went to a life that is much better for her. That’s a long story that Rusty has told in his blog.DSC_1945Rusty’s role is as a herding dog. He helps me when I need it but doesn’t have nearly as much work as he’d like.MaggieBenny died a few years ago and I wanted to get a dog as a buddy for Rusty. That’s when I got Maggie through Dog Spot Rescue. Rusty told that story too.DSC_1685 So now there is Rusty and Maggie…Ginny and toy - 7 months…and Ginny.



digging hole for toy

Ginny is the only dog here that likes to play with toys. While I was working in the garden she dug that hole specifically to bury her - Version 2 Rusty has the last laugh.


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