At the Loom

The name of my blog is “Life on the Farm and at the Loom, but I haven’t written many weaving posts lately. Here are a few of the more recent pieces.

DSC_5367Chenille scarves. About a year and a half ago I challenged myself to use up all the odds and ends of chenille that I had accumulated. Here is a blog post with the photo of the original pile of chenille. I ended up with warps for 44 scarves. I wove several last year but then started focusing on the show I had last fall. Last month I started weaving these scarves again.

917 scarf 920 scarf 

I put a warp on the 46″ Schacht loom a few months ago but then had to stop weaving while I waited for tendonitis in my shoulder to get better. IMG_4135The yarn is Imperial Yarn Company’s Columbia and there was enough warp for three blankets. I just took these off the loom but need to do fringes and wash them.

IMG_4137The AVL has warp for three queen size blankets that are a commission.

.IMG_4136 Here is the front of the loom. I had to stop working on this when a cable broke today.


A friend asked me to dye a jacket that she found at a thrift store. She wanted dark brown. It’s hard to see but one of those threads did turn the dark brown that it was supposed to but the rest of the yarns dyed a brick red. Fortunately she likes that color too.

Titus sampler (1) These  are 35-yard mini-skeins of Titus, a new yarn that I carry. I wanted to create a project that used all the yarns in this sample pack..

.Titus sampler

…and this is what I came up with. I used this as an idea to develop a class in Color on the Loom.

I’ll show photos of all these blankets when they are finished. The transformation is always amazing.


2 thoughts on “At the Loom

  1. I am impressed by your output! Especially chenille, it is so hard to weave evenly.
    And is there anything more lovely than a perfectly aligned warp like you have on your AVL? I feel refreshed just looking at it. 🙂

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