May 4, 1916

As I wrote the date today I realized that it is my mom’s birthday. She died in 2008. Here are some photos as I’d like to remember her instead of the the shell of a person taken by Alzheimer’s.scan0034Mom (long before I was born) and her brother, Walt, who was the youngest of the four siblings and died just last month.scan0029-2Another from “the old days”. Mom was a WAC during WW2.Mom, Dave, Robin in SFMy brother and I were born in San Francisco and lived there until 1965.

We moved to Sonoma County, CA near Cotati in 1965 and Mom had the place until sometime in the late 70’s.Mom and cowsRaising us as a divorced “older” mother (having kids at age 38 & 40) Mom faced personal challenges. It was an additional challenge to move from San Francisco to “the country”. We lived on 2-1/2 acres in what I remember as a fabulous old house (the termites and drafts and well problems didn’t bother us kids) and mom encouraged–enabled–us to learn a love of the outdoors and animals. She had no experience with livestock but through 4-H I raised dairy heifers and eventually a milk cow. My brother raised sheep…Mom with lamb…and when he left for college Mom, who had always knit and learned to spin around that time, had her own small flock of sheep.Mom and MurkaMom on the front steps of our house with Murka, named after a dog in a book called Thanks to Noah by George Papashvily. (It’s amazing how things come back to you. Seeing this photo made me remember that book. I just googled it, guessing at a spelling for that last name, found it on Amazon, and bought it!)  IMG26This photo is probably from the late 60’s.Mom and Pot ShopDuring those years in Cotati, Mom turned her pottery hobby into a business (sound familiar?) and supported us by selling pottery and teaching.IMG01 (1)Although she made mostly functional high-fire pieces (plates, mugs, teapots, etc) she liked to make some more artistic raku pieces. I remember her pulling the fiery hot pots from the kiln, plunging them into a metal bucket full of straw, and quickly covering with a lid. Mom and Ursula with fountainsMom and her friend, Ursula, collaborated on some fountains. This is at our back door.  I was just thinking that this photo is kind of like me with my Farm Club and spinner friends. Yikes! Mom is younger in most of these photos than I am now. Ursula Fahner pottery?By the way, I found this on the wall at the Barinaga Sheep Dairy in Marin County a few years ago and I am sure that it is one of Ursula’s pieces. Mom with cats on desk This isn’t much of a photo but it is probably typical (and reminds me of my desk now except for the typewriter). Two cats on the desk. Clutter. That’s mom’s foray into stained glass in the window.1990sThis is mom with her five grandchildren taken probably about 1997 or so. That’s my three on the left and my brother’s kids on the right.

I’m glad I have these photos to fall back on when I think of mom’s last years.


14 thoughts on “May 4, 1916

  1. Oh, Robin, I enjoyed the photos and especially all of the memories you shared about your strong, creative mom. Very special.

    • Thanks for posting this. Brought back a flood of memories—all good. But why did you have to include the picture of me looking like I wanted to be anywhere else but in that picture in front of our house in San Francisco!?!? I wasn’t mad. The sun was in my eyes. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! I was luck to have Mom as my Mom and I’m lucky to have you for my sister.

  2. Hi Robin,

    Thanks for all the pictures of your Mom. Very nice to see…

    Think of you often, JoAnn Zlatunich

    • Thanks Joann (and all the other people who commented). I realized that I could get carried away and include dozens (no hundreds) of photos but there has to be a limit. My blog had become my scrapbook and maybe it’s weird that it’s shared publicly but many of you who have commented are family friends or relatives so that’s OK.

  3. Great photos. Thanks for sharing your happy memories of your Mom. Looks like she had a full and interesting life.

  4. I remember your Mom … She had a wonderful smile … very kind and loving. I also remember her wearing a sweater she knitted … I always wanted to learn how to knit that sweater of hers!

  5. Oh Robin I adored your mother. So talented. I remember her modeling her creations at Sheer Delight, and being on my last sheep to shawl team. Loved the photos.

  6. Brought back tears and joy. She was a great lady. She left a wonderful legacy in her two marvelous kids. I could hear her laughter in looking at those great pictures. Thanks Robin!

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