Ginny’s Favorite Things

Rusty and Maggie don’t fetch. They don’t see the point. Ginny, on the other hand, has learned the fun of getting people to throw things for her. She is obsessed with this $10 toy.DSC_4024 In fact she is so obsessed that I can see the focus that Rusty has for herding is the way Ginny acts with this toy. Hopefully when the time comes Ginny will be able to think about sheep with the same concentration.DSC_4027 Right now it’s fun for her…DSC_4032 …and it’s good for me to have a way to help her burn off energy with something as easy as standing in one place and throwing something.DSC_5292 Ginny also loves to swim in the canal Across the Road. In a recent blog post I described how Ginny is always on leash now on our walks. Swimming in the canal is an exception. So far when I let her go into the water (which did not work well on leash) she hasn’t tried to run off and chase birds. But I don’t let her off for long–only while she wants to swim.DSC_5410 I decided to combine the Toy and swimming.  DSC_5413 I started by throwing it right close to the edge in case I was the one that had to retrieve it.DSC_5416

DSC_5418 It became obvious that I would not be the one going in the water so I threw it a little farther.DSC_5421


DSC_5427 And farther.DSC_5432 No problem.DSC_5439 On one throw however it was much closer to the far bank and that’s where Ginny got out…DSC_5440 …and then left the Toy.DSC_5441   I told her to go back for it.DSC_5449

DSC_5446She brought it back by walking along the bank until she got to one of the above-water crossings.

I think she would make a dock-diving dog or whatever they call that sport where dogs (many border collies) jump to retrieve favorite toys in water.  That would be fun if there was something close by. But we may have to stick with the canal.


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