#214 Memories

I was looking for photos of a sheep named Diamond, #214, for the last blog post. I didn’t find the sheep but I found a lot of other favorite memories while searching #214. In no particular order:Fandango This is a sheep named Fran who is still here. In this photo she looks like her mom, Fanny who had spectacular horns. DSC_5214 (1) Columbia ewes at the Imperial Stock Ranch. I carry this yarn.DSC_5214 In Vermont, setting up an arch for Katie and Kurtis’ wedding in 2011.DSC_6265 Libby meeting Kirby a few days after she was born.DSC_7885 All my kids and spouses (and spouse-to-be) in 2013.DSC_8286 A mule train walking up the trail in the Grand Canyon on our visit in 2011.DSC_8418-zion-e Dan and me on the same trip to the southwest in 2011. Zion National Parkponcho Modeling a poncho that I wore only a few years ago when I was in high school. I used this as a template for a recent woven poncho.DSC_9284 Spring lambs.DSC_9679 Maggie.dscn1214 This is a catapult, one of Katie’s senior projects in high school. Stephany? Chris showing Stephany back in about 2006.IMG_2149 Mushrooms Across the Road.IMG_2214 Dogs in the canal on a recent walk.katie-chris-kurtis Chris’ Ironman finish in TX in 2013.


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