Drone View

My son was here with his drone again. It is always interesting to see the place from a perspective I wouldn’t otherwise see. DSC_4350 I still think it’s odd to see this object hovering and darting about.

DSC_4373 The sheep aren’t big fans unless if up high enough that they don’t notice it. DSC_4415Here is someone else who noticed it.DSC_4416I don’t know if she wanted to warn it off…DSC_4398 …catch it and kill it…DSC_4407 …or play with it. However, she never got close enough.

Here are the views:

DCIM100GOPRO From over the barn looking east “Across the Road”. The green to the right is part of our pasture. The brown to the left is the neighbor’s place. Our house and garage, etc is in the center at the bottom of the photo.Over barn looking south From over the barn looking south. The green in the lower half is our pasture. I’ve been strip grazing from right to left. Over barn looking north. This view is looking north. That line of trees just above the lower quarter or so is our boundary. The hay field is the neighbor. By the way, except for a few trees between the house and the road we planted (or let grow) all the trees that are here.Over barn looking west.The view to the west. Our border is the dirt road and canal in the center of the photo. The drone is hovering over the barn.


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