Jepson Prairie in Early April

Yesterday I visited Jepson Prairie, a nature preserve owned by the Solano Land Trust, that is only about 15 miles from here. This is the time of year to see the wildflowers in this remnant of native landscape. DSC_3716 DSC_3738 The patches of goldfields (Lasthenia species) are spectacular.DSC_3742 DSC_3772  View to the southwest.DSC_3819View to the west.DSC_3794 But there is more than just goldfields in this gold field.DSC_3802DSC_3789The yellow and white flowers are butter and eggs (Triphysaria erianthum)


DSC_3816The purple flowers here are Downingia species. DSC_3806   Brass buttons (Cotula coronopifolia). I looked this up and its a native of Africa. The other flowers I’ve listed are CA natives.DSC_3823 How about the name of this one? It’s a species of Wool Flower, requiring a host support. Another species that grows in my pasture is shown here. (If you like this then google hippos and manatees in Stockton.)

DSC_3826Jepson Prairie is also home to wildlife.

Canadian geese I rather amazed myself by getting some decent shots of flying birds…maybe not National Geographic quality, but OK for me. These are Canada geese.



I saw these birds walking across the gravel road to get from one part of the lake to the other. I thought that was rather odd…coots…but looked them up and found that “coots have strong legs and can walk and run vigorously. They tend to have short, rounded wings and are weak fliers”AvocetThis bird is an avocet. I will admit that although I know the Canada goose, I didn’t know the other birds. I ran into a docent in the preserve and asked him. Maybe I’ll remember these two.

I want to go back before the wildflower season is completely over. There are docent-led walks every weekend through Mother’s Day so maybe I’ll make one of those.


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