Meet the Sheep — Part 2

Dona took all the photos in the previous posts (this one too) because I was in the shop most of the day. Here are a few that I took when I made quick trips to the on table, rosesColleen brought roses for all the tables…Colleen with felt pins…and set up a booth with her felted creations and dyed yarns.yarn ball pirateObserved in the parking area.DanSpeaking of parking, here is the Parking Attendant, who doesn’t get much  attention in my blog, but is a Very Important Person behind-the-scenes.DSC_3677 Bunnies in the barn were a big draw.DSC_3708Lisa weaving on Cricket loom   Lisa worked on her Cricket loom all day and sent interested customers to the shop.

DSC_3697 Alison led a Sheep Portrait class.

 IMG_3398Feeding the bottle baby drew a crowd.IMG_3422At 4:00 everyone pitched in and sheep were put away, pens moved, and signs stored for next year in no time. Wow! What a crew! (What I haven’t talked about in a blog post was the huge help that Farm Club members were during the last week when I had severe tendonitis and couldn’t use my right arm at all. They did all the pen cleaning.)IMG_3418 I think we got the whole Farm Club crew who was here (except for Gynna) in this photo.

Don’t miss Rusty’s story about Meet the Sheep.


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