Meet the Sheep–Getting Ready

Meet the Sheep is our annual open house when we invite the public to meet our sheep, learn about fiber and hopefully become fiber enthusiasts. I couldn’t do this without the Farm Club. FC members spent the day here on Friday helping clean up and set up. After everyone left on Friday Dan did the final clean-up of moving the piles of things that accumulate on a farm (pallets, disc, un-burned burn pile) and the place looked great.

These photos were all taken by Dona on Saturday morning.DSC_5792 We parked in the back but there was a line before I got the sheep locked out of that area.DSC_5794 “Put it there.”DSC_5821“It’s this one.” We selected sheep for petting and display. FC has already made a “naughty list” of ewes who were NOT to be used for petting.DSC_5839Signs went up.DSC_5812  Amaryllis went into her own pen…

DSC_5840 …with her own sign.

DSC_5841 Faulkner is in a pen next to Amaryllis so he got his own sign.

DSC_5843 We gathered up some ewes and lambs to put outside where people could get close to them.DSC_5870Others were in a pen in the barn and FC members lifted up lambs for people to pet.

DSC_5846Jackie set up her Sheep to Shop booth…

DSC_5847 …and Colleen was here with Fiber Confections.

 Julie Kuroki brought her French Angora bunnies and Angora kids along with a lot of display material. (Photos in the next post.)DSC_5961We’re ready for the day!


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