Friendship Baby Blankets & Fixing Weaving Errors

I finished  this project a couple of weeks ago but haven’t had time to share it. My friend, Irene of Cotton Clouds, is involved with The Natural Dye Project sponsored by Mayan Hands. She asked me to create a baby blanket out of the  Friendship Towel Kit that she is selling to support the Guatemalan women in this project.product_image_3074-2The towel kit makes 4 towels using naturally dyed 8/2 cotton.yarn_image_180I added Monte Cristo cotton boucle to the kit and came up with…DSC_2479   …two baby blankets, each using Monte Cristo and 8/2 cotton in the weft but using different patterns. It is easy weaving but things don’t always go smoothly. IMG_2029I happened to look at the first blanket winding its way onto the cloth beam just before starting the second blanket and saw 7 warp threads that should have been woven into the blanket.IMG_2030Because of the texture of the boucle yarn I hadn’t noticed the error while weaving. Now I can see it but it wasn’t obvious when I wasn’t looking for it. IMG_2027Here is the problem. When threading the heddles I inadvertently used 7 heddles from the Shaft #5 when I should have used Shaft #4. This is a 4-shaft structure so #5 didn’t lift at all. It is an easy fix for the second blanket. Just tie Shaft # 5 up to each treadle in which Shaft #4 is engaged. IMG_2033That works.IMG_2034However, the only way to fix Blanket #1 was to needle weave all 7 threads in after it was off the loom. That should be easy (over-under-over;over-under-under), but it took hours because of the nature of the boucle yarn. Thank goodness it was only 7 threads.

After weaving the blankets aren’t done yet. Wet finishing is an important step of weaving. It allows the yarns to “bloom” and fills in the spaces that are there when the yarns are under tension. It turns a bunch of interlocked threads into cloth.DSC_2558 It also results in shrinkage. See the difference in width in the strip that has not been washed and the finished blanket.

DSC_2564   Here is a detail.

The final step is a photo session. DSC_2533No baby was available so I used one of my kids’ teddy bears.DSC_2545My old teddy bear (I won’t tell you how old) featured in some of the shots too.

You can purchase this kit from Cotton Clouds at this link.


4 thoughts on “Friendship Baby Blankets & Fixing Weaving Errors

    • These blanket kits are sold to benefit the women of Mayan Hands. The pattern is a simple weave structure that alternates 2/2 twill with plain weave shots and uses 8/2 cotton with the thicker white cotton. I can’t sell any parts of this separately but if you go to Cotton Clouds website you can find 8/2 cotton and the thicker fluffy cotton (I can’t remember what it’s called right now.)

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