Today’s Lambs

Lambing moved into high gear today. It’s been one ewe a day until now.12097 Ginseng and lambs The morning started with Ginseng and twins.Maggie and 15017Next was Maggie. I pulled twins but one was dead. This one has a long story that I won’t go into now because I still have to go back to the barn. Maggie and the remaining lamb are at the UCD Veterinary Hospital for the night. Maggie was low in potassium and that needs to be dripped in over a 24 hour period.

 14027 Esmerelda and lambsEsmerelda is a Jacob-BFL cross who is just a year old. She delivered 7.8 and 8.8 pound Jacob-cross lambs. That first lamb was on its feet within 5 minutes.IMG_2648 

12098 Foxglove and lambs (1)Foxglove is another Lilac ewe with lilac lambs (although it’s hard to tell when they are wet).12098 Foxglove and lambsThis is the kind of lambing I like. Put her in the barn. Go to the house. Come back to the barn and there are lambs nursing.IMG_2673 Here is the count so far. By the way the TB means that I’ve banded Tails and given BOSE. Rams and ewes are color coded (blue for boy)


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