Lambing in Threes – Not Always Pretty

Lambing count so far: 4 sets of twins and 2 sets of triplets. I hope this is not indicative of the rest of lambing season.

After checking Ventura every so often for lambing progress I found her with only a tail hanging out. Not a good sign.IMG_2498I don’t know any other way to deliver a lamb in that position other than to push it back in and find some feet to pull. This is lamb #1. With lamb #1 at 5 lb 6 oz and in an abnormal presentation that’s an indication that this is a triplet delivery.IMG_2507Lamb #2.IMG_2524Here are all three.

Ventura - triplets

Ventura with all three lambs the next day. They clean up pretty well.

Here is what I found in the barn this morning:Loretta with first lambLoretta had one small lamb that had obviously been up for awhile and there were multiple fluid filled membranes. Triplets again? Yes.The second two were trying to come at the same time. Match up a head and two feet and pull that one. The next one comes easily.

DSC_2750 DSC_2760

DSC_2768 DSC_2780  That third lamb took quite awhile to get going. I let her stay in that sunny spot as long as the sun was there.

IMG_2536 Not triplets but three happy Farm Club members and three babies.


2 thoughts on “Lambing in Threes – Not Always Pretty

  1. Hope the rest are non eventful, I have a couple more weeks I don’t want another like last year, two heads no feet unable to put one back or pull one out, lost both after having to have a vet intervene.

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