Ginny Across the Road

Have you seen Rusty’s blog with photos of Ginny and Maggie playing? They look fierce there. That’s a different kind of play than when they go for walks. This is the third successful trip Across the Road With Three Dogs. I think we’ve got it down now that Ginny will walk on a leash without trying to play with the others. Once we’re to the dirt road along the canal I can let her go and all three dogs run free. I don’t worry about Ginny as long as she is with Rusty and Maggie. She stays right with them.DSC_2013DSC_2015DSC_2011

  DSC_2034DSC_2003When I take my camera Across the Road my walk could not be considered a workout. It turns into a pretty leisurely walk because I get easily distracted by envisioning things in photos. I guess the dogs like that because we’re out longer.DSC_2007DSC_2008


GinnyCan you believe this blue sky? What a day for January! But it’s very troubling that we haven’t had any rain since December. Another thing about a blue sky–it shows up the slightest dirt on my lens or in my camera. But I’m too tired to fix it now.


2 thoughts on “Ginny Across the Road

  1. Love the shadow pics! Do you know about Bet, the BC that runs things at North Wapiti? Her main job is to go out with the young pups so they’ll stay with her and come back (in 25 words or less) but she has many, many other important jobs too. Definitely scroll back for her whole story. It will keep you in stitches :-).

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