I am updating my sheep info in my sheep database. I am looking through the manual to pick up on the stuff that I haven’t figured out or noticed yet–entering photos, entering ancestors of sheep I didn’t breed, etc. I am exporting photos so that they can be entered properly. Searching sheep by # and/or name in Aperture, my photo program. As you can guess from this blog, I like taking photos. I have A LOT of photos. Entering #868, a sheep named Clover born in 2008. Not too many photos of her but when I search 868 dozens of other 868’s pop up–of course these are photos that have 868 somewhere in the file name. So here is a random idea for a blog post and, in my opinion, a better way to “waste” time than on Facebook because I like looking at my photos. Maybe some of you will too. 868 Clover Here is the 868 I was looking for. I wonder if I should put the rest in order by date or not… I think I’ll go with random.Sincere Sheep One of the wool blankets I wove for my recent show using Sincere Sheep yarn.1994-12-12 This is Katie, about 6 years old, and Sequoia, a calf who was born prematurely and I raised on the back porch for months. That’s my first Border Collie, Flash.62931_10150098601304896_602374895_7468868_2709628_n Kaleena (DIL) and Matt (son) and Guinness and Sam a few years ago somewhere in the El Dorado National Forest.298686_2007701074626_1306658646_31804832_1107818243_n Dan, Matt, and me in my once/year 5 km run to support Kaleena and research on ovarian cancer.298943_10150486899394896_602374895_11503352_929827052_n This is Chris and Meryl and Matt and me (Kaleena must be taking the photo) taking a Duck Tour in Boston on the way to Katie’s wedding in VT a few years ago.DSC_1868 A handwoven blanket of Jacob yarn on Mom’s rocking chair.DSC_4868  Spotted in the pasture.DSC_5868 My cousin, Kyle Vincent, (who has a new album out) performing in our barn.DSC_7868 Christmas in 2013 when all my kids and spouses (and spouse to be) were in one place.DSC_8689-leaping-w Leaping lamb.DSCN1868 Chris selling a hog at the auction at the Solano County Fair. He looks young–maybe a sophomore?IMG_6868Tencel scarves woven in advancing twill that made an issue of Handwoven a couple of years ago.

Well, that’s it for 868, Clover. This was fun. I may do it again.


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