Another View of Shearing

I wrote a post about Shearing right afterwards but now I have Farm Club member, Dona’s photos to round it out a bit more or just to give a different perspective. All of these photos are hers.DSC_0752DSC_0338 Farm Club members getting organized on a chilly morning.DSC_0346 Sheep getting organized.DSC_0418 There was a lot of Farm Club help and lots of visitors.DSC_0478 A wonderful thing about Jacob sheep is the variety of fleeces from mostly black…DSC_0491 …to mostly white…DSC_0496 …to some of each.

DSC_0505 Gynna was one of our sheep wranglers, feeding sheep to the pen where Stephany had them ready for the shearer.DSC_0540 Alison was at the skirting table all morning teaching FC members and other visitors about evaluating and skirting fleeces.DSC_0705 An important part of any fiber gathering is the food. We wouldn’t want to starve in the three hours it took to shear the sheep. This is the pot of vegetable chili I made and everyone else brought wonderful side dishes.DSC_0713 After shearing we could enjoy lunch. That’s our fabulous shearer, John, on the right. And everyone else are FC members. We missed getting Kathleen and Jackie in the photo.  It’s hard to corral this group. (And somehow we missed Rusty. I think he was lying in the sun after a long morning of watching sheep crouched on the concrete floor.)DSC_0716

Amaryllis was grateful to NOT be part of the action.DSC_0724 After shearing there was still time for FC members to do additional fleece shopping…DSC_0753…and other shopping.  DSC_0759-1 (1)Lisa was one of many FC members who helped in the shop so that I could spend time in the barn.

.DSC_0743 “Is it over?”  


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