Shearing 2015

Although we had a cold start the weather for Shearing Day turned out great and a lot of people came out to watch and to buy fleeces.DSC_1430 (1) Ewes before shearing. Stephany and Ginna, sheep wranglers Farm Club members handled all the jobs. I don’t have photos of all of them but FC photographer, Dona, will probably have some for me to add to another post. That’s Stephany and Gynna who wrangled sheep all morning. DSC_1453 Alison and others helped skirt fleeces that people purchased.DSC_1455 DSC_1465 DSC_1476 Here is a view from above. Carol and Amy are in place to sweep between sheep and to let the shorn sheep out the gate. DSC_1486

John Sanchez has been our shearer for several years. The fleeces are always beautiful and the sheep look great too. He’s prompt and he’s fast too. He finished everything in 3 hours.DSC_1499Looking at this photo I wish that I’d done a series of photos of footwear. There are a lot of stylish boots in our Farm Club.

DSC_1524 Jackie kept track of names and cards…Mary scooping fleeces

…while Mary scooped the fleeces into bags. All Farm Club members rotated tasks and helped all day–answering dozens of questions from visitors and also helping in the shop. Thanks to everyone: Alene, Alison, Amy, Betty, Carol, Dona, Gynna, Jackie, Janis, Joy, Kathleen, Lisa, Mary, Peggy, Polly, and Stephany (and to Judy for joining us).DSC_1451Jimmy is one of two wethers (castrated male) who was well marked so that the shearer would be told to watch for different parts while shearing off the belly wool.

DSC_1541 Amaryllis was probably glad that she wasn’t on the shearing list.DSC_1564

This is what Dan made out of the pressure tank we had to replace a couple of months ago. It provided a welcome place to warm hands. Maggie and LisaMaggie behaved admirably all day.RustyRusty kept watch.GinnyGinny was in the barn with us but had her own pen to keep her out of trouble.

fleeces   Bags of fleeces for me to sort through. 937 Donna (1)

IMG_0911This is how I felt at the end of the day.

5 thoughts on “Shearing 2015

    • That fireplace was the pressure tank for the pump that my husband had to replace over Thanksgiving week. A good trade–cool fireplace and better water pressure in the house.

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