Loon Lake

It’s not easy to find a time when we can all get together for a whole day. We had planned on a snowshoeing trip and the prediction of a little cold weather wasn’t going to deter us. The problem was that even though we had significant precipitation in December with  Caliornia’s continuing drought the snow level was fairly high. To find enough snow for snowshoeing we drove to Loon Lake (6358′ elevation). There was enough snow here and it was sunny but the temperature was in the low 20’s and the wind was howling. (I know that plenty of people live in this kind of weather, but not me. I’ll go for 100 degree days anytime over bone-chilling cold.)

We decided to go for it with the snowshoes at least for a short time. Everyone out of the car…DSC_1089 …including Ginny, in the snow for the first time.DSC_1093 Matt, Kaleena, Chris, and Meryl started down to the lake with the big dogs. I was behind because I had to remember how to walk with snowshoes without getting my feet tangled up going down the steep slope from the road.DSC_1096 It didn’t take us long to figure out that with the strong wind it was just too cold for Ginny so Dan took her back to the car. DSC_1103 The rest of us continued down to the lake. Matt was having a hard time keeping track of which was his wife since both Kaleena and Meryl were wearing Kaleena’s snow gear.  Edge of Loon Lake There were white caps on the lake and lots of ice at the edge.Ice at Loon Lake

Loon Lake That’s me on the left, then Kaleena, Matt, Chris, and Meryl.

Chris & Meryl at Loon Lake   Meryl and Chris with Sam and Rusty.DSC_1154It’s the wind that is making Rusty’s ears stand up.

We didn’t spend too much time here. Instead we drove back down to Bassi Falls and went for a hike there–something that all of us could enjoy. Photos of that in the next blog post.


2 thoughts on “Loon Lake

    • Road conditions were fine if you have 4-WD. No snow on the road but it was icy in places. We drove right to the parking area of Loon Lake. I must say that I’m a warm weather person. It would have been OK without the wind, but yesterday’s conditions up there were brutal.

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