PuppyWorld. That’s the world I’ve been in for almost 36 hours now and it feels as intense as motherhood. (Maybe every decade of age adds to that.) Rusty has already blogged about his impressions on Day 1 and Day 2. Here’s Day 1 for me in photos.IMG_0466On Wednesday I drove to Mendenhall Wool Ranch, where Rusty was born, to pick up Ginny who is 8-1/2 weeks old (born October 12). There were two litters of red Border Collie puppies born in the same week. This photo shows what it is like to walk around there.

Rusty’s blog shows photos of Ginny being introduced. This one just has cute puppy photos.DSC_0613I was trying to get photos of Ginny but she was nervous and every time I squatted down for a photo she ran over and sat on my feet.

DSC_0585 Eventually I moved over enough with my foot still in place that I could get some cute shots.


Notice that she is still sitting next to my foot.


DSC_0618 DSC_0623

I tried to get all three dogs in one photo but Maggie and Rusty didn’t want to cooperate.



One thought on “Ginny

  1. Ginny is beautiful. And baby animals are a lot of work! We got two kittens this summer and I had forgotten how much time and attention they require. It has really eaten into my knitting time. The nice thing is that they mature faster than baby humans so the intensity of care lessens more quickly. Again, she is beautiful.

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