Close to Home…Post #12 Wearables

The previous posts were all about the farms where I got the wool to use in my show, Close to Home…Yarn with a Story. Most of them featured blankets. I love weaving blankets. It doesn’t really matter what size they are, you can weave each in a different color and/or pattern, and who couldn’t use a warm blanket?

But I wove some wearables as well. 879-1 (1) 879-1 Above are shawls woven of the same style of yarn from Imperial Yarn Company as the Stars and Stripes blankets. The brown yarn was dyed with black walnuts after dyingThis is what the black walnuts look like after having soaked in a bucket for a couple of weeks and then been boiled for an hour. eucaluyptus dyeThese are pots of eucalyptus leaves and twigs on the stove…Eucalyptus dye…and yarn in the dye made after boiling those pots. Notice that there are two different weights of yarn in this post. That finer yarn, also from Imperial Yarn Company, is used in the shawls below.IYC shawlThe weft in this shawl uses the fine yarn dyed in eucalyptus. One batch turned out rust and another was gold.Eucalyptus dyeYou can see the two different sides of each shawl in this photo. 883-2 (1)Here is a close-up.DSC_9797Another shawl that uses natural dyed yarn (black walnut) is this one in huck lace woven using yarn from the Timm Ranch.894-1 & 894-3Here is another in un-dyed yarn.Timm Ranch woolBy the way, here is what that shawl looks like while on the loom. I always have to convince new weavers to have faith that even if you see spaces when you’re weaving they will close up if you’re working with wool.

There are also several scarves in the show, some of which have been shown in earlier posts.DSC_0156These scarves use yarn from Fiber Confections, Anderson Ranch, and Meridian Jacobs.


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