Close to Home…Post #10 – Sincere Sheep

One of the first yarns I used when weaving for Close to Home was Targhee wool sold by Sincere Sheep.

Story:  Brooke Sinnes of Napa began Sincere Sheep in 2003 and focused on natural dyeing yarn sourced from local wool. Since that time she has included other lines of yarn sourced farther from home.
Sincere Sheep’s Bannock yarn is a 3-ply worsted weight yarn that features 100% Targhee wool from Montana and the Dakotas that is milled in North Carolina and spun in Maine.
The Targhee sheep is named after the Targhee National Forest near where the breed was developed beginning in the 1920’s. The goal of the U.S. Sheep Experiment Station in Idaho was to develop sheep with uniformly heavy fleshing and high quality fine wool that was adapted to rugged conditions of the Western range. Developed by crossing Rambouillet, Corriedale, and Lincoln sheep at the Experiment Station, the Targhee breed was expanded by selection of “Targhee type” ewes from large bands of range ewes crossed with Targhee rams. The flock book was closed in 1966.
Targhee sheep produce 10-12 pound fleeces with very soft, bright white fiber that measures 21-25 microns. Sincere Sheep’s Bannock yarn was named for a Targhee Native American Chief.IMG_1290This is one of only two yarns in this show that are not grown in Solano or Marin Counties but I included it because of the variety of colors, naturally dyed, and the quality of the yarn,  and it is grown in the Pacific Northwest, which is Closer to Home than many places where wool is grown.  Sincere Sheep I love the color variation in this yarn…Sincere Sheep …and the variety of designs that you can get on one warp.DSC_4153Sincere Sheep Sincere Sheep blanketsThat means that each of the blankets above was woven on the same warp threading in white yarn, but the patterns change by varying the treading and, of course, the color of the weft.Sincere Sheep yarn, Artery 2014 Another series of blankets.878-2, 878-3 And another.Sincere Sheep TargheeAt the end of the warp I just wove in white instead of making it plaid and then I felted the fabric. That made great fabric for pillows.Sincere SheepI also wove a series of blankets on a rusty red warp with a white weft

Sincere Sheep Targhee  Targhee yarn is very soft and perfect for scarves as well. After the Artery show whatever items are left will be for sale on my website.


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