Close to Home…Post #4

Another flock represented in my current show at The Artery is The Timm Ranch north of Vacaville.Timm Ranch eweHere is their story:

The Timm Ranch is north of Vacaville on the east side of the Vaca Mountains. Susan Timm’s grandfather bought the ranch in the early 1900’s and, although much of the ranch is leased to a cattle rancher, Susan runs about 85 ewes there. Lambs are born in the fall and sold to individual customers and to Chuck’s Custom Slaughter of Dixon.

Susan’s father started with Targhee sheep and then added Polypay and Rambouillet rams to the flock. Susan’s sheep are descendants of this blend of breeds and produce a fine, soft wool.

I took home about 65 pounds from last spring’s shearing (average fiber diameter of 23.5 microns). After pre-washing (soaking and draining in cold water) to reduce weight I shipped 39 pounds to Zeilinger’s Wool Mill in Michigan, one of the few mills in the U.S. that can accommodate fine wool in small quantities. They washed, carded and spun the wool into 30 pounds of 2-ply fingering yarn.

The yarn comes back from Zeilinger’s unfinished (no final washing) on cones. Washing the yarn or the finished weaving results in a seemingly magical transformation from what looks like string into soft, lofty yarn.DSC_2969 The ewes after shearing.DSC_2987 Fleeces that I took home.Timm Ranch wool Samples for micron testing.Timm Ranch woolYarn on cone and skeined. I wove a warp with six throws.Timm Ranch Timm Ranch Timm Ranch Timm Ranch Timm Ranch Timm Ranch Timm RanchThe brown yarns are dyed with black walnut and the yellow is osage orange. Both of those plants grow across the road. I also wove shawls.894-1 & 894-3 Timm RanchThese are a 16-shaft huck.


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