Photos in my Pocket

What do I mean by Photos in my Pocket?  From my phone, of course.  These are photos I took in the last couple of days that I took only because I just happened to have the phone with me.BFL in dalligrassThis is the time of year when the dallisgrass gets away from me. The sheep can’t keep up as it gets taller and coarser. In addition the seed heads get sticky from a fungus and then adhere to the sheep. This is one of the BFL-cross March lambs.dallisgrass on sheep Cascade wearing dallisgrass.Ears wearing dallisgrassYearling ewe named widow spider Everyone recognizes this spider that I saw when I opened the lid of the garbage toter. IMG_0983  We’ve had some beautiful sunsets the last few days.IMG_1008 And in the shop…handspun warp…this is a warp made of yarn in my stash, most of which my mom spun years ago. The weft is Jacob yarn.


3 thoughts on “Photos in my Pocket

  1. Your blogs and pictures are wonderful. I grew up on a dairy farm, and then lived on a small farm for 30 years with a few pigs, sheep and steers. You help my yearning for farm life.

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